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UV whole house twin water treatment



This UV unit is the top residential system used in New Zealand to treat bacteria and Cysts including E-Coli and Giardia. Parts are readily available in retail stores all around NZ. It is large enough to handle the flow requirements of a 3-4 bathroom home. It is also rated in the USA for water flow up to 90 lpm. > 99.99% removal of bacteria, viruses and cysts.

Two year comprehensive warranty on all systems excluding lamps and cartridges. Lamps should be changed after 12 months and cartridges when flow slows or taste returns.

We will deliver this system for $36 freight charge to the nearest Post Haste or NZ Couriers depot to you for you to collect.

AP18UV-10/2 Rain water/ Bore water (no taste issues)
AP18 with twin 10 inch big blue housings, gradient density prefilters in 20 micron and 1 micron, 1 inch ports and 600mm SS flexi hose. Compact, hi-flow system, ideal to stop Giardia, bacteria and viruses.
Whole house (average house)
Max. Flow Rate
(UV dose >30,000 µWs/cm2)*
18.0 GPM (90.0 LPM)

A full range of custom systems are available with 10 or 20 inch jumbo housings, double and triple filter systems adaptable to suit virtually any requirements. Contact us for more details.