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Triple Jumbo with KDF



Get the Chlorine out!

This superb whole house system competes directly with products up to 5 times the price!

Stage one: One micron sediment filter

Stage two: Carbon block 10 micron filter

Stage three: Granular Carbon/KDF media

Big Blue housings are made from food grade polypropylene great for water, beverages . Pressure relief (air bleeders) buttons are standard. Top quality components with 2 year warranty.

* Normal operating maximum pressure : 650Kpa (95 psi)
* Normal maximum temperature : 37C
* Maximum Flow Rate : 75 lpm

System features:
3 X 10 inch jumbo housings with one inch ports (25mm) to maximise flow

Heavy duty powder coat bracket
Housing spanner
Polypleated 5 micron washable sediment cartridge or 1 micron poly spun depth filter (Giardia safe).

CBC10J 10 micron carbon block cartridge removes Chlorine, Chlorine compounds, taste and odour

KDF/Carbon cartridge for removal of metals, arsenic and wide range of potential contaminants

Designed to give total whole house filtration, removing dirt, sediment Giardia, Chlorine, organic chemicals, metals a wide range of trace contaminants, taste and odour.

A total solution at an affordable price.