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CTF Fluoride removal bench top



Dual Stage Benchtop Filter System ~One of the finest water filters on the market. By Nature Zone Water.

* Twin high pressure cartridges
* range of tap connections
* Two year warranty!

The first filter uses Carbon filtration and KDF to remove Chlorine, Chlorine compounds, pesticide residue and metals.
The second uses mixed bed resin filtration which is an EPA and WQA recommended method for removing fluoride from drinking water.

Mixed bed resin uses charged beads which bind ions and charged chemicals to the surface removing fluoride (and arsenic). Through the attraction of the metals and ions, 90% to 98% of fluoride (and arsenic) is normally removed.

Complete kit Includes:

Filter cartridges,connection hose, inlet valve, mounting brackets and spout.

Approved to standards:
AS/NZS 3497, AS/NZS 4020,
AS/NZS 4348

~24 month manufacturers warranty~

Filters should last ~ 12 months. Replacement filter pack (one of each type of cartridge) is $65.00.