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Complete Big Blue Filter System 10 Inch



Jumbo twin

Get the Chlorine out!

This superb whole house system competes directly with products up to 5 times the price!

Stage one: One micron sediment filter

Stage two: Carbon block 10 micron filter

Big Blue housings are made from food grade polypropylene great for water, beverages . Pressure relief (air bleeders) buttons are standard. Top quality components with 2 year warranty.

* Normal operating maximum pressure : 650Kpa (95 psi)
* Normal maximum temperature : 37C
* Maximum Flow Rate : 75 lpm

System features:
2 X 10 inch jumbo housings with one inch ports (25mm) to maximise flow

Heavy duty powder coat bracket
Housing spanner
Polypleated 5 micron washable sediment cartridge or 1 micron poly spun depth filter (Giardia safe).

CBC10J 10 micron carbon block cartridge removes Chlorine, Chlorine compounds, taste and odour

Designed to give total whole house filtration, removing dirt, sediment Giardia, Chlorine, organic chemicals, and a wide range of trace contaminants, taste and odour.

A total solution at an affordable price.

Total whole house water treatment, replace cartridges after approx 100,000 litres.

Ideal after pump or whole house treatment.